The Healthcare industry comprises well integrated services provided by the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology, Healthcare Provider, Healthcare Insurance and Biomedical Technology segments. All of these contribute directly or indirectly towards patient care. Currently, the Healthcare industry is undergoing a transformation focusing on improving business processes through effective deployment and use of information technology.


Judicious Mix of Technologies

Texans’s Healthcare solutions define a judicious mix of technologies for Enterprise Applications Solutions, Embedded Technologies, Enterprise Systems Management and eBusiness with relevance to different business processes.

Wide Range of Healthcare Solutions

Texans’s Healthcare solutions portfolio focuses on health insurance, healthcare providers, healthcare applications vendors, biomedical technology organizations and pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies. Texans’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Solutions Division delivers comprehensive services, ranging from strategy to implementation, testing and maintenance, and enables a rapid yet smooth shift of our clients’ business processes to become HIPAA compliant. Texans actively supports Healthcare organizations through their various stages of HIPAA compliance.