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Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Incorporating cloud-based services into your business environment can help you operate more efficiently, empower your people to do more, and reduce costs associated with systems and infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Creative Cloud Computing Solutions for Business Transformation For a large part of computing history, data centers and other computer networks used only about 10% of their capacity at any time with the rest left as head room in the event of occasional spikes in workload. Cloud computing platforms changed all that. Computing utilization rates went up and newer products could be developed faster and more easily on such platforms. In addition, this service could be provided as a utility much like electricity. This meant that consumers of computing or storage services paid for only what they consumed.

Texans understands that the advantages of Cloud Computing to both enterprises and ISVs are many. No longer is there a need for capital expenditure on hardware, software or ongoing IT maintenance costs. IT is now largely a variable cost. No more headaches of ensuring that the system is up, that the latest updates are applied and that backups are taken. Since your IT department is no longer occupied with keeping the lights on, the role of the CIOs office and the IT team is becoming more strategic – that of enabling business functions to leverage relevant technology to accelerate growth.

With almost unlimited scalability and the ability to make and roll out product changes quickly, enterprises can now confidently enter new markets, launch new products and comply with new regulatory requirements. Texans has helped many enterprises and ISVs navigate the path to Cloud Computing so that the IT function becomes a key player in setting up organizations for long term success

Texans Consulting

Texans’s Cloud computing specialists analyze your current IT application and infrastructure portfolio to:

  • Create a Cloud computing strategy, build a business plan and design a roadmap for Cloud adoption
  • Identify and recommend suitable Cloud Computing models for various IT and business needs – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Identify and recommend appropriate deployment models – Public Cloud, Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud

Application Development / Migration

Texans leverages our product & platform engineering experience to help ISVs and enterprises migrate their existing applications to market-leading Cloud platforms and develop entirely new applications on Cloud technologies.

Our Services include:

  • Architecture for the Cloud
  • Agile Product Development
  • Integration of on-premise application to App in the Cloud
  • Agile QA
  • Customer enablement
  • Support and Monitoring
  • We have worked with some of the leading ISVs and Enterprises in the
  • world to migrate their applications to leading Cloud platforms
  • We partner with the world’s leading platform vendors to bring you this offering.

Cloud Platforms Imolementation

As a natural extension of our 360° partnerships with ISVs, Texans helps customers adopt third party solutions that are available on the Cloud or extend current product platforms to attractive business models.

The Texans Cloud Advantage

  • Global reach and delivery
  • The flexibility to create solutions that work for our clients
  • World-class alliances and partnerships with industry leaders
  • Platforms and services based on open standards
  • A development methodology and delivery centers that employ the highest levels of security