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Content Management

Visitors to your website arrive with an expectation that they will find what they are looking for. As a website owner, operator or manager, you are faced with a challenge: how to make it easy for visitors to your website to find and acquire this content and at the same time, how to satisfy your website content publishing and maintenance objectives so that the task of managing this content does not become daunting?

Content Management solutions provided by Texans, allow users to update their own website with efficient and automated user interface with internal components. If your website needs several components to be updated on regular basis, our content management solution is the easiest way to do so. These agents will stay behind curtains and will perform crucial tasks without any extra expenditure.

Enter Content Management. Content Management Systems are designed to facilitate easy creation, management and re-purposing of website content.
Managing the content on a website is not a small task, given the fact that there exist a myriad of formats and standards and given the broad reach of the Internet. One size does not fit all. The content management needs for your situation are unique in that they have to satisfy your requirements and meet your objectives.

A Content Managed system will allow you to focus your attention on your website audience and over time, will become a large part of your Internet marketing activities. This will essentially impact your bottom line by lowering the cost of website maintenance and by increasing visitor acquisition and retention.

A Content Management System (CMS) is built on a set of technical capabilities, business rules and procedures for publishing content on the Internet.

Some highlights of a CMS:

  • Authoring of content using browser based templates
  • Version control via a central repository
  • User workflow management for content review and approval
  • Use of cascading style sheet (CSS) templates for multi-platform compatibility
  • Easy Content Reusability
  • Marketing and tagging of content with metadata for search engine friendliness
  • Performance boost via deployment and caching mechanisms
  • Some of the tasks a Content Management System should be able to handle:
  • Assemble and serve content on demand, based on visitor preferences
  • Deliver content in a way that works and makes sense for a particular visitor
  • Capable of delivering content in multiple languages


Texans provide custom content managers that will efficiently fit into your existing website. Functionalities of such content managers are to:

  • Create and Edit Pictures Groups
  • Customized Management of Images
  • Product Updates
  • News and Press Releases Management
  • Employee Information Management
  • Custom Programming for Online Applications
  • Easy Administration
  • Powered With- User-Friendly Interface
  • Documentation and Training
  • Security
  • Customized Design