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Application Migration & Modernization

Application Migration & Modernization

Several IT organizations have spent huge amounts of resources on their existing legacy applications which have huge amounts of knowledge stored within them and day-to-day business processes are intricately woven around these systems. A big challenge today in enterprise business and process sophistication is modernizing legacy enterprise systems – due mostly to size, complexity, and the present frailty of systems.

But with the advent of the internet and the collapsing of boundaries, these legacy systems have become huge bottlenecks for companies looking to expand over the internet and take their business processes to a higher level. Migration-to-Web of the legacy applications allows organizations to achieve the goals of extending the knowledge of these applications, while leveraging the potential of latest technologies. Several companies look forward to leveraging their legacy systems over the internet because they can re-use the existing logic supporting their various business organizations.

Also web enabling a legacy system would be “fast to market” since the new system is based on existing legacy elements. Shorter “time to market” and ‘reuse’ of existing logic means lower costs to the company and also a system developed based on an existing system will be much more stable and secure.

Texans provides superior quality web enablement practice for your large and medium legacy applications, by evolving new solutions from existing applications to deliver improved business processes. Our ability to create Web or application services from existing application functions means that existing systems can rapidly be redeployed as Java or .NET-centric systems at a much lower cost and with less risk than conventional re-engineering. Our extended experience in business software applications combined with our applied expertise in the wide set of available web technologies guarantees the successful migration of your application to the web.

Texans develop an evolutionary path to application extension, modernization, and transformation, by blending new technologies such as Web services with existing legacy, core functions. What it delivers is a dramatically low project risk, cost, and time.

Our Application Modernization Methodology:

  • Stage Migration Planning and Bridge
  • Server Link – Web to backend Data Source in Legacy System
  • Minimize Disruption and Optimal Efficiency Planning
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis.
  • Web Functionality Design and Prototype.
  • Adaptation to Business Functionality – Reengineering
  • Human Factor Rationalization and Training

We realize that on-demand business in modern times requires speed and efficiency in meeting needs of your customers, partners and suppliers with minimum downtime or business process risks. Our strong expertise with legacy system management and client/ server environments in various industry domains and business processes ensures that we have primacy in quality consulting for customers in this domain.